Upgraded Ticket – Amateur Extra Class License

So shortly after getting my General ticket, I realized that it wasn’t going to be enough. I didn’t want to be subject to so many restrictions both in the US, and thru reciprocity, in Germany. So began my journey towards Amateur Extra. Unfortunately, this post isn’t going to be very different from my prior posts in regard to how I studied and the resources I used.

My main study tool was HamStudy.org. They have the entire exam bank of questions populated and their practice tests are fantastic, regardless of which exam you are sitting. I used them for all three of my exams. In fact, their sister-site is the website which most of the online VECs used to administer their online & remote testing. So, if you get comfortable with using the HamStudy resources, when you sit your exam, it will basically feel the same as doing all of the practice tests you’ve done in preparation.

The other resource I used, and have for all three of my exams, was FastTrackHam.com. I enjoy audio books, which is what this resource offers. So, if you can’t handle audio books, well then, this resource isn’t for you. For my Extra exam prep, I think that I must have listened to the book close to 10 times. I have time during my commute to listen to the audio books and soak in their wisdom. Or at least the author’s commentary as he reads though all the exam questions and tries to explain them. For as much content that is covered in the audio book, I feel like he does a great job of explaining why answers are either right or wrong, as well as suggesting helpful ways on how to remember the information where he can.

Hopefully these resources help you as much as they have helped me. Hope you earn your ticket soon and perhaps we’ll get to make a QSO.