ARPS Symbols

Had to share a site a came across.

If you’ve ever used ARPS, I’m sure you have all of the symbols and what they mean memorized. All kidding aside, I know that I know the more common ones and can make educated guesses at a few others. But there is no reason anyone should know all of them. In fact, with a site like, you should never have to! This site is awesome for it’s catalog of all the APRS symbols and being able to just hover over them to tell you what they are.

Displayable (Better Looking) Ham License

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a better, more displayable FCC license to show off? Something worth actually hanging on your wall?

The FCC no longer mails out physical license cards, so you are likely printing out a very plain looking license on your generic white printer paper just to have on hand in your shack. You know, just in case someday day the FCC comes knocking on the door to check your papers. Sure, you can do that, I’m not going to stop you. But the problem is that “official” card, well it is just plain ugly.

Luckily for us a ham named Michael offers a solution on his website ( that generates something that you might actually enjoy framing and putting up as wall decor in your ham shack. Check out the link above to learn more and create your own displayable license.

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Ham Radio Quick Links

ARRL Links

Decibels (dB) Tuturial: Link
Frequency Band Charts: Band Chart: Link; Technician only Band Chart: Link


CHIRP is a piece of software used to program your baofeng (and similar) radios. It may not be the most user-intuitive, but once you figure out how to use it (hint: plenty of videos on YouTube) it makes programming all of your desired frequencies into your radio super easy.


A shout out to my local area’s club, the Emergency Amateur Radio Club – Hawaii (EARCHI).


This is a great way to connect with other Hams around the world. EchoLink is only available to licensed hams, and you have to verify your license before you are able to use it. It essentially a way to tie the analog radio world together with the digital computer world. You can use your smart phone or computer to connect directly to other hams or connect to digital repeaters (for lack of a better name) and participate in nets anywhere in the world.

Ham Study

This is, IMHO, the best site for studying for your Ham radio exams. They provide a study mode and a random quiz mode that make it feel just like sitting the real exam. They include the entire question pool for all three classes of licenses. The website is well designed and modern. They have companion apps on iOS and Android that make it easy and convenient to study anywhere you go, no need to be connected to the internet. Best of all – It’s FREE!
I’m not sponsored for this endorsement, but the company behind this site ( does make and sell some great antennas for your handheld radio that are made in America and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Ham Academy

This is another site to help you with studying and taking practice exams. This site is entirely free and is run by EARC.

Radio Reference

Look up frequencies in use by local government agencies and businesses in your area.


RepeaterBook is Amateur Radio’s most comprehensive, worldwide, FREE repeater directory. It also offers free iOS and Andriod apps for your smart phone too.

Stay tuned! More stuff to come….

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